AVB Means Future-Proof Connectivity Solutions

Pivitec's Network Audio Interfaces are based on IEEE Ethernet AVB standards that provide a future-proof path to expansion and that are ideal for applications in Live Sound, Recording, Broadcast and commercial installations. AVB integration also allows Pivitec Modules to be used as Recording & Playback interfaces from Mac OSX & other AVB equipped PCs as well as AVB compatible consoles. 

Pivitec Connects with Standards

Unlike other proprietary network protocols, Ethernet AVB is a collection of IEEE standards that leverage existing Ethernet technology. This standards-based approach means that as new Ethernet technologies are adopted, AVB, and Pivitec, will gain from the inevitable increases in network speeds and other advances. This ensures future-proof connection and compatibility with other manufacturers that also utilize AVB standards in their products and networks.

In addition to the adoption of Ethernet AVB, Pivitec's Network Audio Interfaces, or endpoints, are based on a growing list of common AV industry connection standards such as MADI & ADAT and can be used for format conversion between between protocols.

OEM Solutions

Pivitec has been at the forefront of AVB development since it’s inception. In fact, AVB is part of our corporate DNA, which is why many companies are turning to us to help them implement AVB connectivity in their products. If you’ve thought about adopting AVB Standards for your products, Pivitec would be happy to show you how we can help streamline your development costs and decrease your time to market. Contact us here for more information.