Building Your Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System

How to choose components for your Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System

This guide will help you determine the Pivitec products you will need for your system. By answering a few simple questions here, you will have all the information you will need. A Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system requires an e32 Mixer for each Musician, an Ethernet switch, and an Input device to the system. Please follow the link below to download the System Builder worksheet. The red questions below appear in the worksheet as well. Answer in the appropriate spaces and your system components will be listed for you. Then, email to for a quick quote!

Download the System Builder


First, how many e32 Mixers will you need, and how they will be mounted:

1). How many Musicians will be using the system?

2). How many will be using Wireless In Ear Monitor systems?

3). How many will be using Headphones at their location?

Next, how to get audio in to the Pivitec PMM system:

Pivitec offers 4 products that will add audio into our PMM system. They are:

A). MADI- using the Pivitec e64i/o-MADI unit.

B). Analog- using the e16i Analog Audio bridge (Use 2 for 32 channels into the e32 mixer)

C). Yamaha mixers- e16i/o-MY card- for Yamaha Mixers that use the mini YGDAI card. (Use 2 for 32 channels into the e32 mixer)

D). ADAT- e16i-ADAT unit for 2×8 channel ADAT optical connections. (Use 2 for 32 channels into the
e32 mixer)

*Please note that you can use more than one type in a system. For example, you can use one e16i-MY card, and one e16i Analog bridge to provide 32 channels to the e32 mixers.

4). What method will you use to add audio to your Pivitec System?

Choosing an Ethernet switch: If you are using your Pivitec PMM system as a standalone system, choose the L2 switch. If you are integrating into an AVB system, such as adding an Apple Mac for recording/playback, or connecting to an AVID S3L, choose the Summit X440 switch.

Choose either an L2 or an AVB switch for your system and the calculator will pick the correct switch size for either choice.

5). What type of switch are you using?

In addition to these items, you will need to supply:

A). iOS devices such as iPads/Phones/Pods. Refurbished iPads can be had for under $200 each.
B). A Wireless Access Point to connect the iPads to the Pivitec PMM system. We highly recommend the Apple Airport Express.