See what others are saying about the Pivitec difference:


David Patridge, Broadway Sound Designer

Sonically, Pivitec is a HUGE improvement over our current solution. There is a very wide soundstage, clarity across the entire frequency spectrum, no obvious hidden “smiley-face” curves and a sense of headroom. The V2Mix Pro control app provides a great visual reference. We love being able to “see" the mix and not having to deal with the frustration of scribble scrips and tape.


Zach Richards, Big House Sound

The Pivitec personal mixing system adds a lot of flexibility that has been missing with other personal mixing setups. The ability to offer 32 channels of audio is a huge advantage as well as the wireless control platform using an iPad or iPhone. We've been super impressed by the simplicity of the app (interface) and the overall stability of the system. Plus it just sounds a whole lot better. These features combined have made it a perfect fit for our clients that need the clarity, flexibility and reliability.


Luis Alicea, Associate Worship Pastor, NewSpring Church, Wichita KS

Sounds amazing - solid sound and head room! I love the metering on the App, the response time is instant, and the sound is clear!


Steve Kaminsky, Austin Ridge Bible Church, Austin, TX

We are loving the personal monitoring solution we purchased. Thanks for creating such an awesome product!


Aaron Macdonald, Sax, vocals & keyboards, Roger Hodgson

Pivitec provides an amazing on-stage experience!


Brad Lyons, Guitar Center Pro, Atlanta, GA

Pivitec ROCKS!! With the Pivitec System, everything JUST WORKED!  And the client?  THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT — and so do I!  It’s so easy I had musicians that have never used in-ears before not only controlling their mix, but loving how it works.  And the sound — is amazing!!

I’ve used nearly all of the personal monitoring systems out there — This is THE MOST user-friendly, feature-rich, best-sounding solution out there — PERIOD!   While this situation was highly unique and probably one in a million — I’ve seen the level of support Pivitec has committed to their clients. A great product doesn’t matter if there isn’t stellar service behind it. With Pivitec, both are covered — At this point I’m a believer — BIG TIME!