Pivitec Newsletter April 2016

Pivitec offers new Extreme AVB Switch choices.

Extreme x430-8                                                                    x430-24

                          X430-8P                                                                                                                     X430-24P

Pivitec systems are now shipping with the option of the Extreme Networks Summit X430 AVB ready PoE switch series. The X430 Series, in 8 port and 24 port configurations, is a lower cost option for use in your Pivitec PMM or network connectivity system where the X440 was used. Also, the X430-8P is fanless, for quieter onstage operation. As with the X440 series, the X430 series will ship from Pivitec fully configured with the necessary AVB license installed. If extended AVB features are on your want list, The Extreme X430 may be just what you need! Check them out at: Extreme X430 Series. While we are on the subject…

Choosing the Correct Switch

Do I need an AVB compliant switch? No, well maybe, it depends. A standalone Pivitec system will operate in a legacy Layer 2 mode without AVB.  A Managed Ethernet switch, such as our e10SW-P, may be used when only Pivitec devices and Wi-Fi router are to be connected to the switch. An Ethernet AVB compliant switch, such as the Extreme X430 above, is required only when an AVB compliant device such as an Apple Mac computer for recording and playback, or AVB compliant console is connected to the switch. PCs are not currently AVB compliant.

Pivitec devices will AUTO-CONFIGURE to work with non-AVB or AVB compliant switches. For the Pivitec system to function properly you cannot mix non-AVB and AVB switches in the same system.

Did You Know?

The Pivitec e16i/o-MY card is your gateway to bidirectional AVB connectivity between your Yamaha Mixer with Mini-YGDAI card slots and many other AVB devices. The Pivitec e16i/o-MY card will transmit 16 channels in and 16 channels out simultaneously. Multiple e16i/o-MY cards may be used in the same Mixer to boost the bidirectional channel count through an AVB enabled switch such as the Extreme X430 series featured above.

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