Network Audio

AVB Is Ready

Ethernet AVB provides a scalable, low-latency method of distributing audio and video with precise timing synchronization and guaranteed bandwidth over Ethernet Networks

Pivitec’s Network Audio Interfaces leverage those advantages in your projects today.

Pivitec Connects with Standards

Based on a growing list of common AV industry connection standards such as Yamaha MY, MADI & ADAT, Pivitec’s Network Audio Interfaces are ideal for solutions in live sound, touring, recording, broadcast and commercial installations.

Applications include:

Future-Proof Connectivity

By utilizing IEEE 802.1 Ethernet AVB Standards, Pivitec’s Network Audio Interfaces ensure a future-proof path to connection and compatibility with other manufacturers that utilize AVB standards in their products and networks.

Pivitec Advantages

Pivitec’s Network Interfaces have versatile mounting, power and audio connectivity options that make them easy to integrate into your projects.

Features include:

  • Power over Ethernet
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Mount Up to 3 Units in 1U with the Pivitec eRack Kit
  • Rugged all metal enclosures
  • IEEE 802.1 Ethernet AVB

Connect to AVB with Pivitec

Contact us to discuss how we can help you leverage the advantages of AVB into your projects today.


AVB Network Diagram