Electone Music Studio Taps Pivitec PMM for Monitoring , Pathways to Dante, Part 2

Electone Music Studio Taps Pivitec PMM for Monitoring


Electone uses Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixers

                                              The Moment recording with Christine Samson and company using Pivitec PMM

When Tiffany Chan, a young and enterprising recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, saw the need for a studio that had a more youthful vibe she founded Electone Music Studio in her native Hong Kong. In collaboration with the renowned acoustic designer K.K.Kong and a team of engineering consultants, Chan built EMS for professional recording, rehearsal and mixing featuring an AVID S6 mix surface and many old and new outboard choices.

The team settled into a newly renovated building in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, conveniently located near restaurants and a transit station. An avid performer herself, Tiffany wanted an advanced technology for Electone’s monitoring needs. Pivitec’s Personal Monitor System was the obvious choice. ”When we started sourcing a foldback system for our studio, we wanted something convenient, easy to use and install (and of course within a reasonable budget). We chose Pivitec because it has all the elements of an up-to-date ideal foldback system.”

Electone started with fifteen e32 Mixers and a layer 2 switch, fed by an e16i Analog input module. They soon added six more mixers to the system. Artist reaction has been very favorable. “They liked it so much as it's very handy, because it looks like a little mixer and all the tracks are clearly named,” Chan explains. Artists also appreciate the excellent sound quality of the e32 mixer’s discrete headphone amplifier and how easy the system is to use. “Although most of our clients had never used the Pivitec system before, they managed to pick it up in a moment. Also, it's very flexible! Naming the tracks has never been easier, just a button push and it will send channel names to the V2Mix® Pro app for each e32 mixer. It saves a lot of time for setting up each session. By using an iPad or iPhone as an interface, it saves space and money rather than buying everyone a separate mixer module.”

Did You Know?  Pathways to Dante, Part 2 of 3

Pivitec’s network interfaces can provide a gateway to Dante with some assistance from 3rd party converters.  You can easily connect your Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system or Ethernet AVB Network to a Dante system.  We will outline several Methods in coming newsletters, each with its own advantages.  In Part One  we used the Pivitec e64i/o-MADI. This is advantageous if you need the full 64 channel Bi-directional capability that MADI offers.  Here, the Pivitec e16i-ADAT is used for 16 or 32 channels from Dante to Pivitec PMM/AVB.

ADAT- How to connect our e16i-ADAT to a Dante network.

Connecting Dante to Pivitec PMM using ADAT

                                                                                            Connecting Dante to Pivitec using ADAT


Using the Focusrite REDNET 3- you can convert 32 channels of DANTE format to 32 channels of ADAT at 48k in four 8 channel streams through Toslink optical fiber cables. Please refer to the REDNET 3 Userguide to assist you in its setup.  The e16i-ADAT will recover clock from the REDNET 3 ADAT stream.

Use a single e16i-ADAT for 16 channels, or 2 e16i-ADAT units for 32 channels.  Connect as shown below.

Pivitec to Dante through ADAT: Wiring for 16 or 32 channels

                                                                                             Wiring for 16 or 32 channels


Connect the e16i-ADAT(s) to your Pivitec system switch, and set up the system as described in the System Quick Start guide.