e16i Input Module

e16i-3d-front-LGe16iback-faceThe Pivitec e16i Analog Input is an AVB Network Audio Interface featuring 16 Balanced Line Level Inputs.  Ideal for interfacing with analog consoles or any other line level source. Add multiple e16is to build larger audio networks as required or mix and match with Pivitec’s other Network Audio Interfaces. The e16i can be used to interface wireless mics, music sources or older analog gear to an Ethernet AVB Network. The e16i can also be connected directly to a computer with AVB capability as a recording interface.


  • 24 bit / 48k Analog to Digital Converters
  • 16 Balanced Line Level Inputs via 1/4” TRS connectors
  • Parallel Inputs for pass through connection to other devices
  • Signal and Clip indicators for each audio input
  • +4 / -10 Selectable Input Level
  • High Quality THAT InGenius® Line Receivers on each input
  • IEEE 802.1 Network AVB Ethernet connectivity
  • Made in USA

Product Overview

Download e16i product overview