Pivitec and the Multitasking iPad


Pivitec V2Mix Pro App

V2Mix Pro App

The Apple iPad has become a common fixture on stages worldwide, especially with House of Worship Teams. Gone are the days of clunky music stands covered with sheet music falling all over the stage, when all can be handled with a simple sheet music App.

This is music to the ears of a Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixer user, as the V2Mix-Pro Mixer App is just a 4 finger swipe away from that sheet music!

Here we have highlighted some of the App possibilities to share your iPad with V2Mix Pro.








Planning Center and Pivitec

Planning Center


Planning Center

Planning Center is an all encompassing group of apps used for much more than sheet music. It can organize nearly any aspect of worship team function, depending on what units you purchase. Shown here is the Music Stand App.



















Pivitec with Worship Band in Hand

Worship Band in Hand

Worship Band in Hand

This app will provide the worship team with a talented backup band in a box, controllable on stage. Songs can be purchased or your own songs uploaded. The app also features a click track.












Pivitec and the Onsong App

OnSong Chord Chart

The Onsong App lets you import chord charts in many formats.  They have created an easy-to-use application for iPad or iPhone for quick music access.  The OnSong allows you to quickly and easily access your music for performances. When you are on stage, the app can easily handle all aspects of performance. Best for chord charts only.
















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Electone Music Studio Taps Pivitec PMM for Monitoring , Pathways to Dante, Part 2

Electone Music Studio Taps Pivitec PMM for Monitoring


Electone uses Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixers

                                              The Moment recording with Christine Samson and company using Pivitec PMM

When Tiffany Chan, a young and enterprising recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, saw the need for a studio that had a more youthful vibe she founded Electone Music Studio in her native Hong Kong. In collaboration with the renowned acoustic designer K.K.Kong and a team of engineering consultants, Chan built EMS for professional recording, rehearsal and mixing featuring an AVID S6 mix surface and many old and new outboard choices.

The team settled into a newly renovated building in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, conveniently located near restaurants and a transit station. An avid performer herself, Tiffany wanted an advanced technology for Electone’s monitoring needs. Pivitec’s Personal Monitor System was the obvious choice. ”When we started sourcing a foldback system for our studio, we wanted something convenient, easy to use and install (and of course within a reasonable budget). We chose Pivitec because it has all the elements of an up-to-date ideal foldback system.”

Electone started with fifteen e32 Mixers and a layer 2 switch, fed by an e16i Analog input module. They soon added six more mixers to the system. Artist reaction has been very favorable. “They liked it so much as it's very handy, because it looks like a little mixer and all the tracks are clearly named,” Chan explains. Artists also appreciate the excellent sound quality of the e32 mixer’s discrete headphone amplifier and how easy the system is to use. “Although most of our clients had never used the Pivitec system before, they managed to pick it up in a moment. Also, it's very flexible! Naming the tracks has never been easier, just a button push and it will send channel names to the V2Mix® Pro app for each e32 mixer. It saves a lot of time for setting up each session. By using an iPad or iPhone as an interface, it saves space and money rather than buying everyone a separate mixer module.”

Did You Know?  Pathways to Dante, Part 2 of 3

Pivitec’s network interfaces can provide a gateway to Dante with some assistance from 3rd party converters.  You can easily connect your Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system or Ethernet AVB Network to a Dante system.  We will outline several Methods in coming newsletters, each with its own advantages.  In Part One  we used the Pivitec e64i/o-MADI. This is advantageous if you need the full 64 channel Bi-directional capability that MADI offers.  Here, the Pivitec e16i-ADAT is used for 16 or 32 channels from Dante to Pivitec PMM/AVB.

ADAT- How to connect our e16i-ADAT to a Dante network.

Connecting Dante to Pivitec PMM using ADAT

                                                                                            Connecting Dante to Pivitec using ADAT


Using the Focusrite REDNET 3- you can convert 32 channels of DANTE format to 32 channels of ADAT at 48k in four 8 channel streams through Toslink optical fiber cables. Please refer to the REDNET 3 Userguide to assist you in its setup.  The e16i-ADAT will recover clock from the REDNET 3 ADAT stream.

Use a single e16i-ADAT for 16 channels, or 2 e16i-ADAT units for 32 channels.  Connect as shown below.

Pivitec to Dante through ADAT: Wiring for 16 or 32 channels

                                                                                             Wiring for 16 or 32 channels


Connect the e16i-ADAT(s) to your Pivitec system switch, and set up the system as described in the System Quick Start guide.


Pivitec Newsletter for August

Pivitec at Infocomm 2016


We would like to thank all of the Reps, Dealers and Customers that stopped by the Pivitec Booth at Infocomm 2016. Great to see some good customers and meet future good customers!

Bill at Infocomm 2016

Bill Koehler from Pivitec at InfoComm 2016

Would your organization like to demo a Pivitec system?

Just click the link below!

Demo Button

Did You Know?  Pathways to Dante, Part 1 of 3

Pivitec’s network interfaces can provide a gateway to Dante with some assistance from 3rd party converters.  You can easily connect your Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system or Ethernet AVB Network to a Dante system.  We will outline several Methods in coming newsletters, each with its own advantages.  Here, the Pivitec e64i/o- MADI is used. This is advantageous if you need the full 64 channel capability that MADI offers.

Dante tech MADI split


For more details, please see the Interfacing Pivitec with Dante Networks Page.

Pivitec Newsletter May 2016

Mill City Church rolls in with Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing System


BETHLEHEM, PA- Mill City Church, based in Ft Collins, Colorado was founded in February 2012 as a non-denominational church plant by Lead Pastor Aaron Stern, and has quickly grown to welcome 1,300 members at three services every Sunday. Mill City meets at the University Center for the Arts, part of Colorado State University. One of the challenges the church faces is that its main meeting room, Griffin Concert Hall, isn’t always available, so for several weeks at a time the congregation may need to meet in another venue in the facility. Add to that frequent off-site activities, and it becomes obvious Mill City’s audio system must be extremely versatile.

The unique requirements of a mobile church include equipment that is reliable and portable and lighting quick to set up, as well as versatile in ability to fill various venues, and implement stored settings for each.  To meet the church’s special needs, Casey Batezel, Technical Director for Mill City, chose Pivitec e32 Personal Monitor Mixers and wireless IEM’s. The e32 mixers share a rack with the wireless IEM transmitters and AVB switch.

Mill City Church Pivitec rack          Mill City Church Pivitec FOH

               Stage Rack with Pivitec e32 Mixers, switch and IEMs                                          FOH Rack with Pivitec e64i/o-MADI 

“We want everything to look clean, be easy to use, and fast to setup. As a mobile church, these criteria are sometimes hard to meet. Every personal monitoring system we researched required an unimpressive entry-level digital console, a monitor engineer and separate console, or tons of CAT5 cables run around the stage. We wanted a system which could interface well with our DiGiCo SD9 console and be setup as fast as possible. We also needed the system to sound as high-quality as possible,” explains Batezel.

Furthermore, “Pivitec is a great solution for us because we're able to leave everything securely racked up and go from completely packed up to fully operational in minutes,” says Batezel. “All we have to do is connect a CAT5 cable from FOH to our stage rack and hand each musician an iPad and wireless IEM receiver. I can customize streams to send to each musician and help monitor their mix from FOH. I also love not having to worry about labeling personal mixers anymore. I can digitally label all of the channels on one device and they're automatically synced to all eight devices on our network. I love the AVB connectivity Pivitec gives us, the great stereo imaging, ease of use, familiarity of the iOS platform, and my truly wireless stage.”

Mill City Church Pivitec CrewThe Digico SD9 is connected by MADI to a Pivitec e64i/o-MADI bridge, which is capable of 64 bidirectional channels, to an Extreme AVB enabled PoE switch. The e32 Mixers connect directly to the switch and are controlled wirelessly with Apple iPads running Pivitec’s V2Mix Pro app. An AVB-capable Mac computer can be connected directly to this system for recording and playback.

“I stand behind all of the technology we use at Mill City,” says Batezel, “but I brag the most about Pivitec because of their incredible tech support. At every level of the process I was connected personally to the engineering and sales teams at Pivitec, and they personally helped me get the most from our purchase. I can't recommend this company enough.”        


     Casey Batezel (Far Left) and part of his Tech Team for Mill City Church


Your Free Exhibit Hall Pass for Infocomm 2016!

We will be in Booth C12322 with EM Acoustics.  Stop by to meet us and see the Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system in action. You will be able to mix tracks on our V2Mix-Pro app at the booth.  We look forward to seeing you there!!

InfoComm 2016 free pass    IC 2016 Form 2


Pivitec Newsletter April 2016

Pivitec offers new Extreme AVB Switch choices.

Extreme x430-8                                                                    x430-24

                          X430-8P                                                                                                                     X430-24P

Pivitec systems are now shipping with the option of the Extreme Networks Summit X430 AVB ready PoE switch series. The X430 Series, in 8 port and 24 port configurations, is a lower cost option for use in your Pivitec PMM or network connectivity system where the X440 was used. Also, the X430-8P is fanless, for quieter onstage operation. As with the X440 series, the X430 series will ship from Pivitec fully configured with the necessary AVB license installed. If extended AVB features are on your want list, The Extreme X430 may be just what you need! Check them out at: Extreme X430 Series. While we are on the subject…

Choosing the Correct Switch

Do I need an AVB compliant switch? No, well maybe, it depends. A standalone Pivitec system will operate in a legacy Layer 2 mode without AVB.  A Managed Ethernet switch, such as our e10SW-P, may be used when only Pivitec devices and Wi-Fi router are to be connected to the switch. An Ethernet AVB compliant switch, such as the Extreme X430 above, is required only when an AVB compliant device such as an Apple Mac computer for recording and playback, or AVB compliant console is connected to the switch. PCs are not currently AVB compliant.

Pivitec devices will AUTO-CONFIGURE to work with non-AVB or AVB compliant switches. For the Pivitec system to function properly you cannot mix non-AVB and AVB switches in the same system.

Did You Know?

The Pivitec e16i/o-MY card is your gateway to bidirectional AVB connectivity between your Yamaha Mixer with Mini-YGDAI card slots and many other AVB devices. The Pivitec e16i/o-MY card will transmit 16 channels in and 16 channels out simultaneously. Multiple e16i/o-MY cards may be used in the same Mixer to boost the bidirectional channel count through an AVB enabled switch such as the Extreme X430 series featured above.

040416 newsletter graphic rev2


Pivitec Newsletter March 2016

Pivitec Announces Changes to the e32 Mixer


Pivitec has released the e32.2 Mixer with a new sleek look. The new circuit design is cooler running to reduce heat in the rack.

Now shipping!

Did you know?

The e16i 16 Channel Analog Network Audio Interface enables you to bring analog line level outputs from wireless mic receivers and keyboards into your console digitally. Simply connect up to 16 line level outputs from these devices into the e16i, connect the e16i to either an AVB or standard Ethernet switch, and then onto your console via AVB or Pivitec's bi-direction interfaces for Yamaha (e16i/o-MY) and/or MADI (e64i/o-MADI). This works with or without Pivitec's Personal Monitor Mix (PMM) system operating on the same network. You have now added an inexpensive 16 channel line-level stage box. If you take advantage of the direct Pass-Thru jacks on the back of the e16i maybe to a mixer for recording, you can add Stage Splitter to the e16i roster of functions.

Pivitec e16i Alternate uses


There are more creative uses for our Pivitec family of devices on the way. Stay tuned!

Pivitec Releases e32.2 Mixer


Pivitec LLC has released an improved version of the e32 Mixer used in the Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing system. The e32.2 is functionally identical to the e32, but with a cooler running design.  The e32.2 is fully compatible with all previous Pivitec Personal Monitor Mixing products. In addition to the industry leading  e32 Personal Monitor Mixing System, Pivitec offers a range of Ethernet AVB Network Audio Interfaces including the "World's First" MADI to AVB bridge. The e64i/o-MADI is already proving itself in applications ranging from broadcast to live production and installations. Other Ethernet AVB Network Interfaces in the flexible e16i series include 16 Channel e16i-ADAT and e16i Analog as well as the e16i/o-MY Card for Yamaha digital consoles. All Pivitec Network Interfaces support the 802.1 Ethernet AVB Standards and can be used as recording and playback devices on compatible computers.

For more information, please visit us at www.Pivitec.com

Contact us at Info@pivitec.com

NOW Church Chooses Pivitec

When NOW Church upgraded to an AVB networked audio option, Pivitec was the logical choice for their large worship team and choir. Here, Creative Director Ricky Perinchief, and Worship Pastor Lindsay Seals discuss the change.

ACCEPT Tour World with AVB and Pivitec


ACCEPT, an internationally-recognized, classic heavy metal band from Germany, touring the globe for over three decades, is now utilizing a highly portable system with an AVB (Audio Video Bridging) backbone. ACCEPT needed an agile, mobile system that would deliver superior sound quality for a consistent performance at each ACCEPT - 2tour stop, regardless of location. Set-up needed to be quick, seamless, and most importantly, easy to transport worldwide; fitting all of the pieces into luggage was a must. The solution is a combination of an Avid VENUE S3L-X console and a Pivitec personal monitor mixing system linked via Ethernet AVB by an AVnu-certified Extreme Networks Summit X440-8p switch.

To combat excessive stage volume, which is a common problem in many show venues, ACCEPT paired its Avid solution with the Pivitec personal monitor mixing system that enables the perfect listening environment for the audience as well as the musicians and tech staff. With a potent feature set that includes Ethernet AVB network connectivity, Pivitec is a true networked audio solution that supports just about any audio interface or console and offers advanced control from a range of native iOS and desktop apps. The Pivitec network easily interfaces with AVB compatible Mac or PC computers for recording, playback, and virtual sound check. This standards-based Ethernet AVB networking solution also offers ACCEPT a future-proof way to take advantage of next-gen compatibility with hardware and software from other manufacturers.

“Before we began using the AVB touring rig, we had to rely heavily on local gear which was different every time,” says Wolf Hoffmann, guitarist for Accept. “It easily took a couple of hours per day just to get acquainted with the products and set the entire system up. On top of that was the need for lengthy sound checks so that we could determine if the piece-mealed gear was running correctly.

“Now with our AVB-powered system we have experienced drastic time savings,” he continues. “We take advantage of advanced virtual sound checks which allow us to run recordings from the previous night, listen to the channels and check the sound quality easily and efficiently from the front of the house.”

Accept’s entire touring rig, including amps, is packed neatly into approximately 10 bags, all small and weighing in at 50 pounds or less. The group has integrated other elements from its presentation, including lighting controls.

“We definitely are an ‘old school’ rock band, but we’ve been around the block,” concludes Hoffmann. “Most people don’t associate us with cutting edge technology. Incorporating this AVB-driven touring rig has been a huge success and motivated us to continue to explore and play with high-tech solutions that elevate our performances. AVB has certainly had a huge impact on the experience we deliver. The quality is just mind blowing.”

Excerpted from:



Visit Pivitec at InfoComm 2015 + VIP pass for free admission.

Infocomm 2015  VIP pass

This year at InfoComm 2015 Pivitec will be offering hands-on demos of the e32 Personal Monitor Mixing System as a sponsor of the Technologies for Worship Live Events Stage at booth 6878. Visitors will have the opportunity to mix the NOW! Church Band live and test drive a complete digital Personal Mixing System that includes Sennheiser Evolution G3 Wireless Monitors.

Tom Knesel will also be presenting a Case study on the rock band ACCEPT and how Pivitec's advanced AVB networking and PMM system streamline this busy band's monitor rig at the AVnu Alliance Pavilion Booth 551. Presentations are Wednesday, June 17th at 10 am, and Thursday June 18th at 2 pm.

For more information or to meet with Pivitec, email to Info@Pivitec.com